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Philip Hanson started racing competitively at the age of 14. In 2020 Phil was crowned World Endurance Champion, the youngest driver to achieve this, and he was the youngest ever Brit to win the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans.…

This week I’m joined by Laurence Stephan, Founder of online immersive events and gaming site, BucketRace.While some business are struggling to adapt to the new reality of Covid-19.  BucketRace has gone from strength to strength.  The company has generated jobs…

This week I’m joined by mediator and therapist Pamela Garber.  Pamela has been credited with creating a game changing behaviour modification program– “Playing the Tape” which has been used in residential and outpatient treatment programs with remarkable results. This week's…

This week I’m joined by Freddy Seoud, CEO and Co-Founder of World Fitness Australia,  Since starting the business as a side-hustle back in 2008 (an idea sparked from his own home gym needs), World Fitness Australia  is now located in…

This week I’m joined by Johnny Warström, CEO & co-founder of Mentimeter, a Stockholm-based business which, through an interactive software platform, makes meetings more enjoyable, engaging and productive.  With many people facing the prospect of another period of lockdown, Johnny…

This Friday we have a huge (hu-mongus ) show just for you.    This week we're bringing you insightful business advice from  Game Changer Elite member  Richard Tang of Zed Internet.   We also have a great  elevator pitch from…

Thank you for joining us for the BossStar Music Challenge quiz.  Over the coming months until In June 2021 we’re searching the entire world to find the business leaders who know more about music than anyone else.  The competition is…

This week sees the launch of our search for the business man or woman who knows more about music than anyone else in the world. Yes we’re finally launching our BossStar Music Challenge quiz.    Over the coming months we're…

Business Game Changer Magazine and Work From Home Game Changer Magazine are updating their ground breaking book providing valuable insight, advice and analysis on what the Coronavirus means for business sectors and how we can adapt to the changes it…

This week's show is a Boss Star special.  We showcase some amazing music from some of the most talented business people in the world. If you'd like your song to be played on Boss Star, email and introduce yourself.

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