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In light of present global circumstances we’re experiencing, we are all being forced to navigate major changes both in our lives and in our organizations. Many of us recognize that in order to protect our business and keep it running in the midst of a crisis, we need to do a lot of risk planning. That is the purpose of this book.  Throughout the chapters of Running A Business In Times Of Crisis you’ll find valuable insight and practical advice on the steps your company should take in the event of a crisis.

It’s an uncertain time with lots of unknowns, and, while we don’t have all the answers, we want to share what we do know and offer guidance for our readers in order to safeguard their health and well-being as well as offering valuable advice to business owners who may be experiencing shifts in their organisations.

While we didn’t choose for our lives to be upended by a global events, we can still find success by adjusting our lives and business strategies to this new world we find ourselves living in.

Contributing authors

Peter Ryding, Dessy Ohanians, Sarah Lloyd, Marilyn Devonish, Gina Hollands, Clare Goodwin , Jon Fielding,  Ruth Farenga, Kelly Teasdale, Dr Nancy Doyle,  Darren Hockley, Jay Anderson, Rebecca McQueen, Ketan Dattani,  Dr Deborah Lee and James Bell.

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