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Name that tune and win a spot on our music quiz hot seat

Thank you for joining us for the BossStar Music Challenge quiz.  Over the coming months until In June 2021 we’re searching the entire world to find the business leaders who know more about music than anyone else.  The competition is tough the questions can be tricky but the challenge is more than worthwhile.  In 2021 Business Game Changer Magazine and Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers will be crowning our pop music quiz champion who will be glorified in Business Game Changer Magazine as well as being interviewed right here on Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers.  If you’d like to try your chances in the hot seat it couldn’t be any easier.  Simply listen to the music clips I’m about to play and let me know the titles of the songs and the names of the artist or group. Simple.  Think you’ve got a clue?  This is what you do, email me at 

The Biz
The Biz
Name that tune and win a spot on our music quiz hot seat

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